Wood Drying System

Wood Drying System


Continuous Microwave Wood Drying System: WL-A48


1. Rapid even heating and drying of processed wood to avoid bacteria and mildew. High efficiency and productivity without use and waste of water and gas.

2. Direct waveguide microwave system; raises overall efficiency by 12% vs. indirect waveguide systems.

3. Powered by digital switch-mode power supplies for electric cost savings of up to 20%.


1. Overall output power of the equipment: 55kW (Customized)

2. Microwave output power: adjustable from 0kW~48kW

3. Dimension (L×W×H): 8600mm×1500mm×2100mm

4. Operator needed: 2 Full Time Employment

5. Throughput: 100kg/h for drying

Equipment details:

1. Microwave Frequency: 2450MHz±50Hz

2. Operating Temperature: 10~120 °F Operating Humidity:<80%

3. System Control: PLC and Touch Screen

4. Driven by: Microwave Magnetrons and WepeX Digital Power Supplies

5. Conveyor: 0.5~5 m/min (adjustable belt)

6. Microwave Leakage:<1mW/cm2 (national standard)

7. Certification: UL and CE

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