Wavelane Continuous 2450MHz Microwave Ceramics Drying System

Wavelane Continuous 2450MHz Microwave Ceramics Drying System


Honeycomb Ceramics Shaping System: WLKJ-A100


1. Shaping small to middle size honeycomb ceramics diameter within 10 to 270mm uniformly and with no crack

2. Uses PLC and touch screen to control the process time and temperature

3. Save up to 30% in time and 20% in energy

4. Easy in-line setup, connects easily to pre and post drying procedures

Ceramics plays a significant role not only in the homeuse comsuptions, 蜂窝陶瓷3.jpg

but also in the industrial uses like vehicle waste gas treatment, power

plant waste gas treatment,waste water treatment etc with its unique


Industry ceramics are made of cordierite, alumina or silicon carbide,

after extrusion, it requires a fast drying and shaping process to keep

its required nano construction, and then goes into firing kiln.

Industrial Microwave with its selective and efficient drying advantage,

is now wild and extensively used in cordierite ceramics drying, alumina

ceramics drying and silocon carbide ceramics drying field. Meanwhile

the quality of the products are much better because Wavelane have pays

attention to the microwave uniformity.

Equipment Parameters:

1. Overall output power of the equipment: 100kW (Customized)

2. Microwave output power: adjustable from 0kW~100kW

3. Dimension (L×W×H): 17000mm×1200mm×1750mm

4. Operator needed: 2 Full Time Employment

5. Throughput: 300kg/h for shaping

Equipment details:

1. Microwave Frequency: 2450MHz

2. Operating Temperature: 10~120 °F Operating Humidity:<80%

3. System Control: PLC and Touch Screen

4. Driven by: Microwave Magnetrons and WepeX Digital Power Supplies

5. Conveyor: 0.2~2 m/min (adjustable belt)

6. Microwave Leakage:<1mW/cm2 (national standard)

7. Certification: UL and CE



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