Continuous Alcohol and Water Based Silica Gel Microwave Drying System

Continuous Alcohol and Water Based Silica Gel Microwave Drying System


Drying Silica Gel from both alcohol and water basis by microwave system is a very efficient and high quality approach, but as the alcohol is with explosive characteristic, the system requires extremely precise anti-explosion design. With Wavelane's strong R&D team, several Silica Gel Fine Microwave Drying systems has installed and smoothly operated in customers' workshop.

Equipment Features:

   1. This system is developed and manufactured for the domestic large-scale silica gel enterprises, Wavelane have manufactuered

       and installed 3 lines accross the country up till now. Machines operated for years without mechanical failure.

   2. The whole process is controlled at a low temperature, while accelerating and increase the productivity,

       only takes 10 minutes to dry the silica gel.

   3. Sytem is equiped with : automatic feeding device, metal detector, feeding detector, microwave drying,

       leakage detector, alcohol detector and explosion protection system etc. The whole process are controlled and monitored

       through PLC and Touch Screen to guarantee a safety production.

   4. Alcohol solvent for silica gel drying is with a certain dangerous nature, but with Wavelane meticulous and scientific design,

       we can bring down the dangerousness to the lowest and satisfy the premium quality and productivity requirements.

Equipment Advantage:

    1. Full automatic production and control, all the monitering devices centralized control. Safety production at the first place,

        guarantee a high-efficiency production.

    2. System can run 24 hours/day continuously, productivity is 500KG per hour.

    3. Whole body are made of stainless steel, clean and elegant, enhancing the corporate image.



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