Wavelane Continuous Latex Pillow Microwave Drying System

Wavelane Continuous Latex Pillow Microwave Drying System


Latex pillows and mattress has a low thermal conductivity, traditional drying solution typically only dry the surface of latex pillows and mattress, the inner part is has not dried thoroughly because of lack of heating energy, those kinds of latex mattress would be easily mildew after few weeks. Wavelane microwave latex pillows and mattress drying machine which can be used for drying latex mattress, latex pillow, slice latex and latex sponge etc throughly and efficiently from the inside to outside.


1. Overall output power of the equipment: 120kW (Customized)

2. Microwave output power: adjustable from 0kW~100kW

3. Dimension (L×W×H): 18000mm×1200mm×2250mm

4. Operator needed: 2 Full Time Employment

5. Throughput: 400 pcs per hour.

Equipment details:

1. Microwave Frequency: 2450MHz

2. Operating Temperature: 10~120 °F Operating Humidity:<80%

3. System Control: PLC and Touch Screen

4. Driven by: Microwave Magnetrons and WepeX Digital Power Supplies

5. Conveyor: 0.5~5 m/min (adjustable belt)

6. Microwave Leakage:<1mW/cm2 (national standard)

7. Certification: UL and CE

Equipment Advantages:

 1. PLC intelligent control, touch screen and belt conveyor enable automatic production and saving lots of labor costs.

 2. Equipment is with 304 food grade stainless steel cavities and  201 stainless steel body, clean, durable and good looking.

 3.High efficiency, can satisfy the big productivity requirements, the machine can run 24 hours per day continuously.

 4. High electric transfer efficiency, no heat conducting medium and no polution emits, environmetal friendly.

 5. Equipped with microwave drying system, hot air system, central air-conditioning cooling systems, anti-burning

      fire water systems. Efficiency of 10 times faster than conventional equipment, assembly line, the immediate packaging,

      without damage to latex products, non-deformation and maintain color.



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