Microwave Drying of Silicon Carbide Honeycomb Ceramics

2017-05-02 02:42

Wavelane recently finished one set of microwave drying cabitnet 11.jpg

for silicon carbide honeycomb ceramics, both pannel and cylindrical.

As the silicon carbide has a high dielectric constant and it absorb

microwave intensively, there for there will be 2 difficulties during

the drying process: 1. the temperature will easily goes high and

will influence the organic composite in the ceramics. 2. if the

ceramics is big, microwave can not penetrate to the center of it.

With these consideration, Wavelane's silicon carbide ceramics dryer is 20KW for customers' trial use, with special waveguide design and ventilation system so the drying is very uniform and also have keep the temperature below 70 degree celsius .

Customers are very satisfied with the effect, and now is designning a continuous microwave system for its mass production.


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