Microwave Dryer for Natural Latex Pillows and matresses after Foaming

2017-04-17 05:16

A very successful application of Wavelane’s microwave technology is the drying of foamed natural or synthetic polymers (mainly natural latex, also blended in various proportions with SBR, and hydrophilic polyurethane) after vulcanisation and washing / squeezing or wet casting.

Foam products are quite difficult to dry by means of conventional hot air systems due to several reasons: they are good thermal insulators, so heat conduction within the substrate is extremely slow; their physical-morphological structure make them little permeable to fluids, so air convection is also heavily hindered; for the same reason and due to their chemical nature, the water vapour migration from the centre towards the surface of the product is intrinsically slow; in many cases the items produced are thick, bulky, shaped, dense, etc.

The microwave technology can overcome all these inconveniences because: it does not rely on heat transmission, so even thick, shaped and dense items (casted blocks, mattresses, anatomic pillows, etc.) dry quickly with no surface overheating or yellowing effects; it is selective towards water, so even that contained in the core absorbs the microwave energy instantly and migrates quickly towards the surface, leaving no wets spots anywhere in the product; the energy delivered to (absorbed by) the product can be adjusted as required, thus enabling to control accurately both the evaporation rate and the residual moisture content.

Added benefits of the microwave drying technology are:

- instantaneous operation (no pre-heating)
- no heat dispersion to the environment, no dust, no fumes
- little noise
- little maintenance



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