Wavelane Continuous Microwave Graphene Mass Production Line Installation Completed

2017-03-25 03:44

Graphene, with its superior heat and electric conductivity performance, making it useful for many innovative applications. Large-scale production of graphene is necessary for applications such as electrodes for batteries and catalysts for fuel cells, and new polymer composits materials.

Wavelane, a high-tech company that is dedicated in researching, designing and manufacturer microwave equipment, with research teams member from Qinghua University, Beijing Chemical Univerisity etc, have designed, manufactured, installed and supported several microwave graphene mass production lines accross China, and now planning to introduce it to abroad.

Graphene comes from graphite, a carbon-based material used by generations of students and teachers in the form of pencils. Graphite consists of sheets or layers of graphene. The main four kinds of method of producing graphene is as the following pitures shows, and now intercalation-exfoliation is the main stream approach to mass production few layers graphene:



     Theory of Wavelane Continuous Microwave Intercalation Graphene Exfoliation Equipment : It takes the advantages of  strong wave-absorbing characteristic of graphite and intercalations. The intercalations reacts fiercely under high density microwave power reaching a instantaneous temperature at 2000℃ and gasified, meanwhile the graphite expanded 300 to 500 times into high quality few layers (3 to 10 layers) graphene in 10~20 seconds. 

      It has been three years since we started this microwave graphene mass production project, and customers witnessed our machine improvement from the 3KW lab equipment to 200KW continuous mass production system which can reach a hourly output capacity of 150kg few layers graphene. And Wavelane is the only Microwave Equipment company has make the research goes out from laborotary and enter into customers factory and operating stably and smoothly. The whole design is automatic and coherent with the 2020 industry 4.0 age.

        Except for efficiency in intercalation method of producing graphene, microwave also have extraodinary effect on removing oxygen from graphene oxide to obtain high-quality graphene has been a major challenge over the past two decades for the scientific community working on graphene. Oxygen distorts the pristine atomic structure of graphene and degrades its properties.

        There are reaserch from Rutgers University that baking the exfoliated graphene oxide for just one second in a 1,000-watt microwave oven, like those used in households across America, can eliminate virtually all of the oxygen from graphene oxide.

        Follwing is the pictures of Wavelane Microwave Graphene Mass Production Line in customer's workshop, this is the third-generation system. And we are now having our fourth generation system which is with better design, higher efficiency in commissioing, will share with customers or instituions who are interested in it.



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