Automatic Textured Soy Protein Production Line Turnkey Solution

2017-03-10 09:39


        ① Flour Mixerimage.png

        ② Spiral Elevator

        ③ Twin Screw Extruder     

        ④ Roller Shaper

        ⑤ Air Conveyor

        ⑥ Microwave Drying System

        ⑦ Vibration Cooler

The system adopts full automatic twin screw extruder, and efficient microwave drying system, all the technical parameters can be accurately monitored and controlled via the PLC and touch screen design. With the low-temperature soybean, isolated soy protein, wheat gluten etc as raw material, customer can produce textured protein food with certain intensity and tenacity, more importantly, it can produce fibre protein with higher intensity and higher tenacity with various shapes and sizes.

Main Parameters :

1. Installed Power  : 300KW

2. Sizes : 30000*3200*3100 mm

3. Output capacity: 300~400KG/H

4. Body Structure: Inner cavities are made of food garde 304 stainless steel.

5. Control: PLC intelligent control, and touch screen on-time monitoring and operation.

6. Can be UL or CE certified.

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