Wavelane Finished Its First Silica Gel Alcohol Drying Machine

2017-02-20 04:16

       Wavelane Finished Its First High Density Alcohol Based Silica Gel Drying Machine Delivery Today.

        The first grade silica gel is alcohol and water based, it requires remove out the alcohol and water in it in the production.

        With Wavelane's well-designed mechanical and electric system, can reduce the risk to minimun and guarantee a safe and

       efficient production process.

    Equipment Details:

         1. Continuous production, can work 24hours continuously, the cavity is 400KG per hour.

         2.The whole system is reached the DⅡBT4 anti-explosive standards.

         3. Stainless steel cavity and shells to enhance the company image.

         4.PLC intelligent control to achieve a intelligent and automatic production.


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