Wavelane Attend 2016 Guangzhou Environmental Technology Solutions IE Expo

2016-12-09 10:10

In Nov.24th to 26th, Wavelane Attend 2016 IE expo Guangzhou for Environmental Technology Solutions : Water, Waste, Air and Soil.

This conference and exhibiton brought together over 200 famous doctors and professors, 3000 exhibitors and over 50,000 attendees

to communicate the issue of environmental technology solutions, environment polution prevention and management.

Wavelane exhibits its Microwave Generator - WeMax A1 to provide solutions for Microwave Electrodeless UV System. This system has outstanding effects in the Organic Odor Waste Gas Processing, know as the advanced oxidation process and recently are widely applicated in the air purification field.  The purification is achieved by 185nm and 254nm Double spectrum ultraviolet light, the 185nm UV light can

ionize the O2 to O3, then under the 245nm UV light catalysis transfer O3 to strong oxidant ●OH, and finally decomposed the organic waste gas into water and carbon dioxide .

IE Expo5.jpg

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