1KW Switch Mode Microwave Power Supply


                              Our customers appreciate the quick and easy installation of the power supply,

                              when preparing to drive the magnetron.

                                      Microwave power can be set in 1% steps by the internal CPU, and the included

                              filament supply is regulated for maximum magnetron lifetime.

                                      With control via the data port, clusters of Wepex1600A can coexist in system

                              installations. By parameter setting power supply can also work in standalone applications.

                              The Wepex1600A utilizes power factor correction and accepts input voltages between

                              180 to 260 Volts, regardless net frequency. And it actually works well with DC input.

                              With input from expertise in microwave and magnetron technology, we meet their

                              demand for energy efficient power supplies.

Wepex 1600A Datasheet V1-1.jpg

Wepex 1600A Datasheet V1-2.jpg

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