Industrial Microwave - A High-end Drying of Materials and Bulk Products

        Heating and drying has become an extremely important Wavelane Machine.jpg

procedure in almost all areas of industrial processing. Apart from the popular conventional procedures based on heat conduction, convection, or infra-red radiation, heating and drying utilizing microwave energy is an attractive solution to many problems in process technology. In microwave drying, the heat is generated by directly transforming the electromagnetic energy into kinetic molecular energy, thus the heat is generated directly within the material to be dried.

       A continuous microwave dryer is designed to match the high

speed front and rear equipment to satisfy the capacity and quality

demands of the full production line. Microwave overmatched those

      WaveLane, with a professinal team of microwave application engineers, we doing technique experiment for customer till the effect is satisfied, and then prepared a scale up proposal for customers.

   A continuous microwave system is consist of the following assemblies:

  1. In-charge and dis-charge assembly : to feed and collect material, can be customized to

     fit customers material characteristics and production requirements.

  2. Main control cabinet : to control the general electricity, conveyer system,

      monitoring the production process and control the microwave power.

  3. Conveyer system: to bear the materials in and through out the microwave cavities,

      with Megmeet drive in the system, the speed of the conveyor can be adjusted real-time during the opeartion.

  4. Microwave Cavities: a continuous microwave machine usually have several microwave cavities

      assembled together as a line, microwave power can be patterned from 1 KW to about 500KW.

  5. The body supports: to support the microwave cavities and conveyor systems, all made of high-quality steel,

      and WaveLane microwave systems are using high-grade 304L stainless steel.

  6. Dehumidification and cooling system : when we are drying the material, there will be moisture and heat

      produced in the microwave cavities, for a better and efficient drying effect, it shall be exhausted out of the system.

  7. Other customized assembly: according to different materials and production requirements, there will be

      other important assemblies needed such as temperature control system, metal detector, alcohol detector,

     anti-explosion drive, UPS, hot wind, infrad-red assissted drying assembly etc.      

 What shall we consider when we are choosing a microwave solution

When turns to microwave solution, first we need to make sure the run and the duration of this process depend on the individually required drying conditions, the energy distribution profiles, the initial moisture concentration, and the degree of free movement of the water molecules within the product to be dried.meanwhile there are many properties of the product that need to be considered, such as its capacity to absorb water, shape and size of the product, as well as the temperature-dependent dielectric properties interacting with the microwaves. To obtain optimal drying results, it is necessary to develop a microwave system that takes all the properties of the entire system into account.

    WaveLane will design and build a microwave system that meets customer's facility and production needs,. Each machine is designed with you, the customer, in mind and your changing hardware requirements. Our focus is to provide you with a product that provides all of the features required. We utilize the latest in state-of-the-art components and user-friendly features to provide you with the best industrial microwave system available.

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