China Headquarters Office:

                       Business Manager: Derek Liu

                       (M): +86 13502809631

                       Email: derekliu@megmeet.com

Factory Address: Li Yu Industrial Park, TianYuan Area, Zhu Zhou city, Hunan province, China


WaveLane's experienced professionals of microwave technology are always available for assistance or consultation to clients. WaveLane’s comprehensive knowledge and experience make them provide customers with efficient and cost-effective industrial solutions, varying from individual components to integrated microwave industrial systems.

WaveLane provides a professional services and technical support for industrial microwave systems users. The service includes custom installations, periodic equipment maintenance, software upgrades, modifications and system repair.


WaveLane has a professional team of installation with experience of having installed over 100 sets of equipment. The systems will be installed and have test running by the technical team to assure normal operation.


Technical Support:

WaveLane provides prompt technical support and consultation. Please call us at +1 408 260 7211 ext. 101 to access this support.


System components upgrade and replacement:

WaveLane provides upgrades and replacements to many existing systems parts to improve reliability and cost savings benefits for our customers.

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